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The Electric Typewriter
The Moral Bucket List –
Call Back 4/13 Pinal County Job Site : Posting Details
The Stigma Of Doing Things Alone
Doctors Tell Us How Hiking Can Change Our Brains
Where did Black & Latin@ teachers in Hartford go? – Cities, Suburbs & Schools Project at Trinity College
The Chicago Maroon — A New Form of Political Discourse
The De Ritis Ration- AST:ALT
8 Reasons Why I Hated Chris Rock’s Oscars Monologue | Colorlines
Zika Virus Rumors and Theories That You Should Doubt – The New York Times
Why Participation Trophies Don’t Help Anyone | The Odyssey
The New York Times: Get a Digital Subscription
Birmingham’s saddest day |
Mark McCloud Has 30,000 Tabs of LSD in His House | VICE | United States
The 4 most eyebrow-raising parts of the crazy affair allegation against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley – The Washington Post
5 Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary
Stryper Frontman Denies He Is Ted Cruz – Stereogum
STUMP – The Greatest Drinking Game EVER? | Unofficial Networks
Penn Researcher Says Ending Homelessness is Possible | University of Pennsylvania
Inside The Madness Of Archer’s Unsung Hero Dr. Krieger
Women’s national team files wage-discrimination action vs. US Soccer Federation
No, not one | The Economist
HCW Lent ’16.pdf
7 Famous Brands That Use Child Slaves To Make Your Chocolate AnonHQ
Coaching Beyond The Court — Medium
Presidential Proclamation: National Public Health Week, 2016 |
Arizona Confronting Awkward Realization That Gay People Have Money, Buy Stuff – The New Yorker
This Device Will Stop You from Getting High in Hotel Rooms and Dorms | VICE | United States
Lawyer’s Twitter rant explains race issues in court system | Fusion
Excruciating Erg Workouts from the readers of row2k
20 Incredible Pennsylvania Hikes Under 5 Miles
10 Books I Wish My White Teachers Had Read | Bustle
A black professor offers advice ‘For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood’ – The Washington Post
What Redlining Did to Connecticut’s Impoverished Neighborhoods | WNPR News
What Happens If I Survive the Apocalypse and Only Have One Pair of Contact Lenses? | Mental Floss
America’s Whites-Only Weed Boom
Annual Report to Fans | Bonnaroo 2016
Louisiana: 5 Cops Plead Guilty to 2005 Post-Katrina Killings | Democracy Now!
Bayesian Hierarchical.pdf
Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling PSU
Day 6 – Hierarchical Bayes.pptx UCONN
Cyberinfrastructure › University of Connecticut
Painfully PC College Students Struggle To Tell This Man He’s Not a 6 Foot Chinese Woman – Video | eBaum’s World
The New York Times: Get a Digital Subscription
Lock Haven Receives Largest State University Donation |
Jerrod Carmichael Love Test lft on Vimeo – YouTube
Zeroing out Zero Tolerance — The Atlantic
Society of Toxicology honors EHS postdoctoral researcher Kari Sant with two awards | UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences
Six maps that will make you rethink the world – The Washington Post
Frontiers | “They Were Really Looking for a Male Leader for the Building”: Gender, Identity and Leadership Development in a Principal Preparation Program | Organizational Psychology
Will I poison myself if I reuse this plastic water bottle? | Grist
MIA: ‘I’m here for the people’ | Pop interview | Music | The Guardian
MIA: interview – Time Out London
Penn State president digs deeper hole in Jerry Sandusky saga – Yahoo Sports
Urgent: Walking while black is cause for alarm, reaction, in one Birmingham neighborhood |
Southern Slang | JetSet
The Earth is warming at scary rates, and this GIF proves it | Grist
Lenny Dykstra isn’t shy about discussing his past HGH use | Big League Stew – Yahoo Sports
Seth Meyers blasts Democrats’ process, rules as he breaks down Hillary vs Bernie –
Confronting Neoliberalism – Radical Discipleship
Padres under fire after humiliating gay men’s chorus during anthem | Big League Stew – Yahoo Sports
Soldier Hospitalized After Masturbating With CLP
What I Learned Working Summers at an Amusement Park | VICE | United States

Why White People Freak Out When They’re Called Out About Race | Alternet

White Fragility | DiAngelo | The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy


RockAuto Parts Catalog – Subaru Parts

Unhappy Hipsters